TRHT LA is proud to partner with embRACE LA, an initiative aimed at unifying Angelenos and empowering communities through a citywide conversation about race and racism challenging and changing inequities.

Five million people call the city of Los Angeles home, but how many of them do you call your neighbor?

From April 16-20, through an initiative called embRACE LA, we will be building and strengthening relationships between Los Angeles’ diverse communities by fostering honest, open and meaningful conversations about race around the dinner table. In 1 week, we will host 100 dinners on race with the hope that 1,000 Angelenos will engage in critical conversations, challenge inequities, and unite in order to develop the transformative
social, political and economic policies Los Angeles needs to thrive.

We invite you to sign up to participate in a dinner and join us as we gather for a night of conversation, idea sharing and radical compassion.

Diversity is our city’s greatest strength, yet to ignore divisions would be a great disservice to all Angelenos. Our city must have the courage to take on these challenges today so that future generations of Angelenos will have brighter lives tomorrow.

Find out more and sign up to join a dinner today at embRACE LA!